Miss Oysterfest 2019 Scholarship pageant will be held on February 23rd, 2019 !!

COme and Join us !!!

Who We Are

We started the Miss Oysterfest Scholarship Pageant in 2008 to raise money for the youth of our community. It is open to girls ages 0-19 and we have 7 different age groups.  We also added Mrs Oysterfest as well so if you know of any married women that would like to compete send them to the website. We also added a Missish Division in 2016 as well for the  entertainment part of the pageant for boys to have fun with and entertain the audience while the girls change. 

The Winner of for the Girls Scholarship pageant receives a $1000 scholarship to use towards school. We are very excited to build our System this year to include Little girls from the ages of 0-14 Older girls 15-19 - 

Who Can Join?

Miss Oysterfest is open to girls from any location in Texas. We offer a $1000.00 scholarship for the winner of the Miss Oysterfest ages 15-19 age group. 

There is no talent needed, and we ensure that every girl has fun, makes friends, and has a positive experience. Being on stage created confidence and helps all young ladies from 0-19 to be on stage and spread in front of an audience. 

Its never to early to join, and you can sign up and get your name on the list early. We accept the first 25 girls in each age group. So get your name on the sign up list today and we can get your name added.

Where Does The Money We Raise Go, You Ask?

Where do our funds go?

We are a fully charity based pageant and no one gets paid to help run Miss Oysterfest. When we first started Miss Oysterfest the money we raised went to the Junior class to help raise money for prom.

Two years later we moved the money to help raise funds for the RFHS Project Graduation. Miss Oysterfest has raised over $50,000 in the last 8 years and all of the money raised went to the youth of the community. Project graduation has benefited greatly but is doing amazingly well with other fund raisers and we have decided to move to another charity. 

After 8 years we are finally moving the money raised at Miss Oysterfest to benefit a cause that will still help our youth. This year our 2018 Miss Oysterfest profits will be donated to the RFHS Choir. The choir raises money yearly and all money raised benefits the students in many ways through things the students may need, competitions, and as well as scholarships. 

We are excited to bring the Choir booster club on board and have them help us make Miss Oysterfest even better. So for the 2018 year we will be donating all profits to the Choir.