We are very excited to continue the Fourth annual Mrs. Oysterfest. Our reigning Winner is Gail Johnston We are excited to continue this part of the pageant and make it even successful so we will continue to do it yearly. Remember this is all for Charity and it would benefit so many of our Youth. So have fun with it, win or lose it will be a fun experience. Below you will see at the bottom of the page the Entry Form will be there. If you have questions please let me know. 

You will be on stage for the following. 

Evening Gown & Interview. To make it easier and not have changes when you arrive. Your evening Gown can be your choice and it will be style as well. 

You will be announced in Evening Gown First, and then you will be called out again at a later time to do your Interview. 

If you have any other questions please call. Also remember to just have fun, win or lose you are all beautiful. 

We just want you to have fun knowing you will be helping the youth in the community. Its not about winning its about being part of something that helps others. It will be such an amazing bonding experience you will remember for lifetime. 

 apply online with the form listed below. Please realize when filling out information to main stream your answers. When we speak about the contestants we choose the best information to read on stage. Just because you fill out lots of information does not mean it will all be read in its entirety. We will read all of your information to the judges but on stage we will only ready your name and contestant number to make the competition run quicker. 

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